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Posted by Minerva on Aug 13, 2020 6:03:51 PM

We have a number of notes coming your way soon if you're a Cestrian Pro subscriber.  Watch out for update notes on Aerojet Rocketdyne (AJRD) and Virgin Galactic (SPCE).  We touch on these topics below.  We also have new-name coverage of Maxar Technologies coming to our Pro service soon.


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Aerojet Rocketdyne (AJRD)

We went to Buy - Long Term Hold in our Pro service on 26 May.  We noted the opportunity to simply hold long, and to (in addition) trade the volatility along the way.  Here's what's happened to the stock since then.

Source: TradingView.com, Cestrian Analysis

Our update note will provide further detail including a breakdown of Q2 earnings and an assessment of the impact on AJRD from the recent Pentagon launch contract awards. 

Virgin Galactic (SPCE)

We issued our Pro "Buy" note on 2 July.  We proposed both a buy-and-hold approach and also identified a trading channel within which we felt long- and short- trades could be operated successfully.  Here's how the stock has progressed in that time.

Our update note will consider the next steps for the stock and cover the developments since that Buy note, including an equity raise and a change in CEO.

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Disclosure: Cestrian Capital Research, Inc staff hold personal account long position(s) in AJRD and SPCE.


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