Review Of Pro Coverage Universe

Posted by Minerva on Mar 1, 2021 8:25:40 PM

We review the coverage universe in our Pro service.  Subscribers can read the note here.  Winning calls to date include AJRD, DT, MAXR, SAIC and SPCE.  If you're interested in subscribing to a Cestrian Capital Research service, check our main site or email us at

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Virgin Galactic - Actionable Alert

Posted by Minerva on Dec 16, 2020 9:23:59 PM

Virgin Galactic (SPCE) has delivered a sound performance since we went to Buy in this, our Pro service, on 2 July 2020.  In our latest subscriber note, we flag three recent newsflow items of late that we believe have implications for the stock.

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Virgin Galactic Q3 Earnings Preview

Posted by Minerva on Nov 4, 2020 9:41:18 AM

Virgin Galactic (SPCE) reports its Q3 of FY12/20 tomorrow after the close.  Our earnings preview for Cestrian Pro subscribers is now live.  Relevant links as follows (S indicates subscriber-only):

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Virgin Galactic Rewards The Brave

Posted by Minerva on Oct 9, 2020 4:46:11 PM

Back in early July we commenced 'Pro' service coverage of Virgin Galactic (SPCE).  We declared the stock a Buy.  We said the market had not really recognized the degree to which serious people were doing serious work at the company.  We thought the stock could outperform.  Well, so far, it has.  In a hot hot market, SPCE has outpaced the Nasdaq and the S&P alike since our Pro 'Buy' call.  We walk you through this below and we consider whether taking profits now is wise or not.

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Virgin Galactic - August Update

Posted by Minerva on Aug 17, 2020 10:14:05 PM

In the six weeks since we commenced coverage of Virgin Galactic ($SPCE) in our "Pro" service, the company has seen its stock price soar and plummet, hired a new CEO, and raised a big chunk of change.  Situation normal in the life of a pre-revenue company.  Our August Update for Pro subscribers is now live.  You can find it here.  Not a subscriber?  Purchase the update on a one-time basis here.

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Mining For Coins. In Space.

Posted by Minerva on Jun 2, 2020 9:49:24 AM

Man Bites Dog

In normal times, startups raise money from traditional sources of capital - pension funds via VC fund managers, high net worth individuals, even corporates towards the end of any given bull market run. Then when the bad times hit, those startups have raised capital at usually high prices from those traditional sources and can use it to sustain losses through those bad times, until the sun rises once more.  Until now.


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