Dynatrace (DT) - Nothing To Fear But The Fed

Posted by Minerva on Aug 21, 2020 6:33:58 PM

In our recent blog post on the application performance monitoring sector we covered DataDog (DDOG) - the new new thing; NewRelic (NEWR) - the almost-eponymous vendor in the middle of transforming its model; and Dynatrace (DT), now emerged from both corporate and private equity ownership and making its own way as an independent public stock.

Our detailed initiating coverage report on DT is now available.
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DataDog, Dynatrace, NewRelic - Which Cloud Monitoring Stock Should You Buy?

Posted by Minerva on Aug 19, 2020 9:49:04 PM

Look underneath the simple browser- or mobile app-based user interface of most enterprise software applications today and you will find a veritable spaghetti bowl of code, pulled together and orchestrated from multiple different sources, locations, owners and indeed underlying languages.  The construction and operation of application software today is far more complex than ever.  At the same time, user expectations of uptime, latency and responsiveness are way higher than ever before.  Taken together this means that the user acceptability level for application downtime is very low; but the potential likelihood of application downtime is very high.  To resolve this big enterprise IT problem, you need cloud monitoring software.  There are three vendors in the news right now; DataDog ($DDOG), Dynatrace ($DT), and NewRelic ($NEWR).  Which of these stocks should you buy?  Depends who you are.  We explain below.

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Posted by Minerva on Jun 4, 2020 11:38:31 PM

Swinging For The Fences

We were asked recently by a subscriber to explain how we thought about short vs. long term hold periods for the space stocks we cover. Here's the question:

"[I] understand the importance of keeping a tight grip on buy/sell range for trading profits, but given the space industry should be at the dawn of something big, at what point (and which companies) do we look to 'buy and hold' with a long term price target to take advantage of potential 'multi-baggers' over time… thanks!"

Like all the best questions we get in our real-time services, this one was simple but caused us to sit back and consider our answer carefully. So, here goes.

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