After Demo-2, All Eyes Are On Boeing

Posted by Minerva on Jun 1, 2020 8:52:25 AM

SpaceX Captures The Flag

In a turn of developments that we suspect surprised even Elon Musk in the end, SpaceX captured the flag left on board the ISS by the final Shuttle mission to dock there. When the initial Commercial Crew contracts were awarded in 2014, to Boeing with a price tag of $4.2bn and SpaceX with $2.6bn to do the same thing - most folks assumed that Boeing, a stalwart of the military-industrial complex, would reign supreme. Sure, SpaceX might have some funky tech DNA but it couldn't really do, you know, the hard space stuff, not really.  Could it?

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The End Of The Innocence

Posted by Minerva on Mar 15, 2020 6:03:40 PM


  • The dream state occupied by the market from 2009 to 2019 is over.
  • The real economy has some problems, and the Fed is out of ammo.
  • In the near term we believe the market will ebb and flow driven by earnings risk to the downside, and fiscal stimulus to the upside.
  • Skilful traders can make big in this period.  More patient investors might consider taking a moment to watch the chaos unfold a little longer.
  • Whatever your approach, it's time to put away the golf clubs, quit mainlining Powell-dust, and dust off your archived investing skills.
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