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Posted by Minerva on Jan 25, 2021 7:00:11 AM

We've been busy here at Cestrian Capital Research, Inc - and we're getting busier.  We share with you news about our new 'Cestrian Elements' service, highlight some recent work of ours, and take a brief look at the investment research we'll be publishing in the coming weeks.

New! Cestrian Elements

We've added a new tier to our subscription services.  Our 'Cestrian Elements' service runs on the StockTwits platform.  This is a short-form-factor membership service based on the same rock-solid research that underpins all our work.  StockTwits as a business has great ambitions and we're delighted to be a part of their growth.  You can sign up for our low-cost 'Elements' service at this link.


Recent Notes

Here's a selection of recent notes published on the open Internet outside of our subscription services.  You might enjoy them if you've not had a chance to read them yet.


Arriving Soon

Open Internet

We have two notes coming up on open Internet, being:

  • An update on AirBnB (ABNB) progress and the outlook for the stock.  We own this name in our staff personal accounts, and hold it in our 'Cloud Decade' portfolio within our Fundamentals subscription service. We view the business as a long-term disruptor and deflator of the hospitality industry; we think there's plenty of value still to deflate in the sector.  In the current environment when seemingly every cloud IPO launches off the back of huge rates of revenue growth and close proximity to cash generation and/or positive GAAP earnings - which coupled with an overall hot market environment means elevated risk levels for new investors in these names - we found it refreshing to be able to buy into a new issue which should, we think, be able to accelerate its growth as the Covid-19 crisis recedes.  We expect to publish this note within a week or so.  Follow us on Twitter (we're @CestrianInc) to get a heads up when the note goes live.
  • A further note on the potential for Salesforce (CRM) stock in 2021.  We recently published a note covering the company's acquisition of Slack Technologies (WORK) - if you haven't seen that yet you can read it here.


Within our 'Fundamentals' subscription service on Seeking Alpha, we have a pretty intensive few weeks coming up as the companies we cover report on their final quarters of 2020.  Across the board, be it our Cloud Decade or CyberSecurity-36 portfolios, we're looking for those names that were able to accelerate growth in the final quarter.  We post blow-by-blow earnings reports on each name, and often live blog earnings calls in our subscriber-only chatroom.  Over & above the impact on those portfolios, we often identify potential short-term trades arising from earnings.  You can learn more about our popular Fundamentals service at this link.


In our Pro service, in which we provide our proprietary buyside financial models and formal investment notes for funds and advisory firms, we're about to launch coverage of CrowdStrike (CRWD).  This is a truly wonderful business which has some of the best metrics we've seen.  The company is enjoying a tailwind from the elevated risk around cyber assets; and the stock can, we believe, continue to benefit from the increasing perception in the market that government and enterprise clients remain under-protected, as the CozyBear / SolarWinds (SWI) hack has indicated.  You can learn more about our high-end Pro service at this link.


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Disclosures: Cestrian Capital Research, Inc staff hold personal account long position(s) in ABNB, CRM, CRWD, RESN, SWI.


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