Cybersecurity Review

Posted by Minerva on May 27, 2021 10:41:44 AM

Our review of the Cybersecurity market, for Pro subscribers, will be available next week.

Cybersecurity Emerges From The Server Closet

In Q4 last year we commenced coverage of the cybersecurity sector.  We've been busy.  In the six months or so since we started work, we've reviewed most all the names in the sector, deep-dived the financials, taken soundings on product and service offerings, and watched the names progress over 2-3 quarters' earnings, in both an up-market and a down-for-growth-names market.

Our conclusions as to which stocks we like long term are clear.  And we think our timing is good.  Cybersecurity is becoming, well, the key element of security for companies, governments, individuals.  No longer the domain of three guys in the server closet worrying about teenage hackers.  Now firmly on the C-suite agenda.

Next week we publish our 'Cybersecurity Review' note, for Cestrian Pro subscribers.  Stay tuned - we'll post a blog note when it's live. 

In Other News

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